Peter James Field’s initial sketch for his portrait of Alexander Nilere

TNG Member Perspective: Peter James Field on His Work in the BP Portrait Award Exhibition 2020

TNG member Peter James Field was born in 1976, in Scotland. He has worked as a fine artist and illustrator full time since 2005. His illustration clients include Penguin Books, Time Magazine and Vanity Fair. In this article, he talks about his portrait of Alexander Nilere, which is currently on display in the Aberdeen Art Gallery as part of the BP Portrait Awards 2020.

Work in progress on the portrait of Alexander Nilere portrait. Image courtesy Peter James Field.
Alexander Nilere’s colourful clothing would go on to feature in the painting. Image courtesy Peter James Field.
Nilere is shown posing beside a red flower in a golden vase. Image courtesy Peter James Field.
Peter’s completed portrait of Alexander Nilere — currently on show in the Aberdeen Art Gallery. Image courtesy Peter James Field.

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